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Business Process Outsourced Services​

Remote Tech Support Services (T1 & T2)​

Providing our clients with experts that can help them resolve any hardware or software-related issue including escalation services.​ We have 24x7 hotline services that allows us to be ready when the customer needs support the most. ​​

At MDS Call Solutions Inc., we’re reshaping technical support with our Remote Tech Support Services. In today’s tech-driven landscape, we recognize the paramount importance of swift, reliable, and secure assistance. Our dedicated team ensures seamless support, understanding that technology is fundamental to your day-to-day operations. Experience a new standard of technical support with us, where reliability and security converge to empower your business operations.

We are ready to provide seamless solutions from a distance

Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

We specialize in swift identification and resolution of technical issues encompassing hardware, software, networks, and other IT components.

Our expert team is adept at troubleshooting a wide array of challenges, ensuring quick and effective resolution to minimize disruptions and keep your systems running smoothly.

Software Installation and Configuration

We offer comprehensive assistance with software installation and configuration, guaranteeing optimal performance and seamless compatibility.

Our experienced team excels in guiding through the setup process, ensuring that software applications are not only installed correctly but also configured to maximize performance and compatibility with your existing systems.

Network Support

Our network support services encompass the swift diagnosis and resolution of network connectivity issues.

We specialize in identifying and remedying network challenges promptly, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity essential for your business operations.​

Device Optimization

Our device optimization service focuses on fine-tuning and enhancing device performance for improved speed and efficiency.

Our expert team specializes in optimizing devices, ensuring they operate at their peak potential, delivering enhanced performance for your business operations.

MDS Call Solutions, Inc. (MDSCSI) is a business solutions outsourcing company specializing in contact center (call center) and digital solutions.  We offer voice and digital services, on top of software and application development services to complete our clients’ business solutions and market strategies.

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